The Chronobiology Kit

The Chronobiology Kit is a PC hardware/software system for collecting and analyzing activity data from experimental animals.

Demonstration Software

The demonstration software is available for download as a self-extracting archive, Kit_Demo.exe, or in a Zip file archive, Both distributions include the same files. See the Readme file for an explanation of how to use the demonstration software (this file is also included in the distribution).

Our demonstration system includes our data collection software, which you may see running as it collects simulated data. Also included is our main analysis program, along with sample data files, so that you may explore the many analytical features of The Chronobiology Kit.

The Chronobiology Kit Analysis

The Chronobiology Kit Analysis runs under all Windows systems XP through Windows 10. It includes the capability to produce Actograms, Periodograms, Rhythm Profiles, Time Series Plots and a versatile method for exporting data.

The analysis program is designed so that you can process your data quickly and with a minimum of effort. Settings for each program, for example, actogram type and periodogram step size, can be stored in default or named files. Then each user can load their preferred settings instead of specifying all of their preferences each time.

The Time Series and Rhythm Profile plot values can be saved to files that can be read by other statistical or plotting programs.


Some journal references using the results of The Chronobiology Kit

The Chronobiology Kit Activity Data Collection System

If you need animal activity data, then The Chronobiology Kit is what you want. With our data collection software, it is easy for one person to manage 192 channels of activity data collection.

The collection system was specifically designed for the needs of circadian researchers. That is, uninterrupted long term activity data collection--the program can be left running indefinitely. Furthermore, it features on-line data verification analysis, laboratory cycle controls and automatic flagging for loss of signal.

When you are ready to analyze your data, the analysis software can be run on one or more computers. We understand that since up to 192 input channels are available per computer, more than one researcher will probably be using the system. Therefore, wherever the data goes, the analysis programs can go along.


Ultimately, The Chronobiology Kit saves you time, saves you trouble and lets you see your data as you have never seen it before.

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